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  • Classical Christian Education | First Baptist Church Fortuna

    Welcome! Sign up and get connected by clicking the button below. After that, plan on attending the Parent Meetings and joining the Co-op . Sign up and get connected! CO-OP (Click Here) PARENT TRAINING MEETINGS (Click Here) Homeschool Co-op A cooperation of homeschooling families to help one another educate their children within a Classical Christian Education model. The co-op meets weekly on Tuesdays . ​ 2023-2024 Please turn in your application or send it in via email to . ​ Student Application Deadline: August 1, 2023 Teacher / Tutor Application Deadline: July 1, 2023 ​ Teacher Training: August 8th, 2023 (7 PM) New Student Orientation: August 19, 2023 (10 AM - 12 PM) Fall Student Orientation: August 15, 2023 (7 PM) | FALL SEMESTER BEGINS: August 22, 2023 | ​ Semester Cost Family with a teacher/tutor $264.00 + books & materials Family without a teacher/tutor $528.00 + books & materials Semester fees can be made in person or online at ​ 2023-2024 Student Application Welcome - Fall 2022 2023-2024 Teacher Application Mission, Vision, Values, and Doctrine Fall 2023 Co-op Classes (Updated 06/01/2023) Veritas History (grades 2-6) - Syllabus Ms. Julia Szabo Omnibus II (grades 7-9) - Syllabus Mrs. Maria Szabo Omnibus V (grades 10-12) - Syllabus Mr./Pastor John Carter Biology (grades 9-12) - Syllabus Mr./Pastor Jon Szabo ​ General Science (Grades 7-8) - Syllabus Mrs. Maria Szabo Introduction to Logic (grades 7-8) - Syllabus Mr./Pastor John Carter ​ Math Tutoring - Study Hour (grades 2-12) - No Syllabus Mrs. Katie Carter Institutes of Excellence in Writing (grades 1-2) - Syllabus Mrs. Katie Carter ​ Institutes of Excellence in Writing (grades 3-6) - Syllabus Ms. Julia Szabo ​ Logos Latin II (grades 3-6) - Syllabus Ms. Julia Szabo Reading Class (grades K-2) - Pending... Introduction to Koine Greek (Biblical Greek) (grades 9-12 & adults) - Syllabus Adults without student will only need to pay a semester fee of $264.00 + books & materials Mr./Pastor John Carter Horseback Riding (grades) - Syllabus ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The final class schedule will be sent out in August. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Classical Christian Education | First Baptist Church Fortuna

    Welcome! Are you looking for a better approach to approach the education of your child? City on a Hill is a ministry effort of FBC Fortuna work with parents to improve as parents and to assist with the education of their students. There are two way that this is done. during the school year we host bi-monthly Parent Training Classes. In addition to these Parent Training Classes we also work together with parents to host weekly Co-op Classes . To learn more, continue reading below, or click the links. Please also consider signing up to stay in the loop with the different opportunities going on at City on a Hill, o r email to contact someone immediately. Sign up and get connected! CO-OP CLASSES (Click Here) PARENT TRAINING CLASSES (Click Here) City on a Hill A community for parents of homeschoolers, private schoolers, public schoolers, and future schoolers. ​ Homeschool Co-op A cooperation of homeschooling families to help one another educate their children within a Classical Christian Education model. ​ Parent Meetings Bi-monthly classes for parents who take seriously the responsibility to educate their children and are passionate about Classical Christian Education. ​ Music Recital We are always looking for budding young performers who are being trained in their instrument of choice. If you are interested in performing, please submit your name, grade, instrument, and title of piece to . Space is limited. You do not need to be a participant of the Parent Training Meetings of the Co-op to perform or to attend. ​ Fall Music Recitals | November 18, 2023 – Saturday at 2 PM Spring Music Recital | March 30, 2024 – Saturday at 2 PM ​ The recital will be held at: First Baptist Church of Fortuna 1976 Scenic Drive Fortuna, CA 95540 Mission, Vision, Values, and Doctrine Values The Gospel of Jesus Christ We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the New Testament, prophesied in the Old Testament, and proclaimed throughout all of Church history. Narrow Doors, Tall Hallways We limit those who may join, but we desire every participant to excel. Male Leadership We believe men are called to lead in the church, the home, and in government. Parental Ownership We believe parents (not churches, schools, or governments) are ultimately responsible for the spiritual and intellectual training of their children. Classical Christian Education Our common model for educating our students with a Christian worldview is through a Classical Christian Education framework. Rigorous Learning We believe that learning is work and therefore should be rigorous (even when it becomes harder in the logic and rhetoric years). Winsomely Passionate Teachers We believe students will learn to love what their teachers love. Parents Who Love to Read and Learn We believe a good education never ends.

  • Classical Christian Education | First Baptist Church Fortuna

    Welcome! Sign up and get connected by clicking the button below. After that, plan on attending the Parent Meetings and joining the Co-op . Sign up and get connected! CO-OP (Click Here) PARENT TRAINING MEETINGS (Click Here) Parent Training Classes Do you nee al little more help or encouragement in figuring out this thing called parenting? If so join us for a Parent Training Class. Parent Training Classes are bi-monthly meetings for parents/teachers who are passionate about Classical Christian Education and who take seriously the responsibility to educate their children. Here you'll meet other parents facing the same struggles that you are. You do not need to be a participant in the Homeschool co-op to participate. Be sure to sign-up to get email reminders about upcoming meetings. Schedule 2nd Tuesday of every other month | 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Each Meeting will consist of parts: Bible Study, Lesson, and a open Q&A. There are also rumors of goodies to munch. ​ September 12, 2023 – Tuesday at 7 PM November 14, 2023 – Tuesday at 7 PM January 9, 2024 – Tuesday at 7 PM March 12, 2024 – Tuesday at 7 PM May 14, 2024 – Tuesday at 7 PM Listen to Previous Meetings Here ​

  • Welcome | First Baptist Church Fortuna

    I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy. Home: Welcome Hello! ​ Who is First Baptist Church of Fortuna? We are a community of believers, united in Christ, who are devoted to proclaiming and obeying the word of God. ​ Why does FBC Fortuna place an emphasis on proclaiming and obeying the word of God (the Bible)? "Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book; but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name." (John 20:30-31) ​ Who is Jesus? "Simon Peter replied, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” And Jesus answered him, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah! For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven." (Matthew 16:16-17) ​ Why is it important that we know who Jesus is? "And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved." (Acts 4:12) ​ Before you get to know us, it is most important that you know Jesus Christ, the Son of God. WEEKLY CALENDER Full Calendar SUNDAY Sunday School 9:45 AM Classes For All Ages ​ Worship 11:00 AM Potluck Meal The First Sunday of each month (Learn More) ​ Evening Activities 5:00 PM 1st Sunday No Evening Activities ​ 2nd, 3rd, 4th Sunday Prayer @ 5:00 PM Christian Ministry Training Classes @ 5:30 PM ​ 5th Sunday Fast, Pray (5 PM), and Feast (6 PM) Mid-Week Small Groups Various Small Groups meet during the week throughout Humboldt County. ​ More information can be found on our church app. FBC Fortuna Small Groups

  • Worship | First Baptist Church Fortuna

    CORPORATE WORSHIP Our times of corporate worship are centered on the exaltation of the Living God. This includes reading, preaching, and teaching of the word of God as well as prayer, singing, giving, baptism, communion (Lord’s Supper), and time of confession. We encourage family members of all ages to join us to worship together. Small noises are a part of raising godly children. So find peace knowing we are pleased to have children join us to worship the living God. ​ Click here for previous sermons. ​ THE CHURCH IS A GATHERING OF BELIEVERS The word translated as 'church' in the Bible is from the Greek word 'ecclesia' which means gathering . Therefore, we should understand the church fundamentally as a gathering of people. Worship is not what makes a church. Worship is a function of the church. What makes a church is the gathering of believers around the word of God in the name of Jesus Christ. This means that we do not primarily gather to worship, because worship is possible anywhere. Instead, we primarily gather so that we can worship God as a gathered body of believers. This is a activity that we cannot do individually. The minimum essential marks of a gathered body of believers, a church, is the preaching of the word of God, the administration of the ordinances (Communion and Baptism), and church discipline. So, whether we gather in a sanctuary, in a home, in a cave, or in a field, we gather to do together what we cannot do alone. ​ MUSIC AND SINGING Music and singing is very significant to the FBC Fortuna family. That is why we love songs with beautiful melodies and rich theology. Concerts are good, but corporate worship is not to be confused with a concert. As we gather together to worship the living God we make it a priority to sing as an act of worship and encouragement for one another. That is why you will see that we leave the lights on and sing very loud. To help our church family sing loud and with thoughtfulness about the words we limit the amount of songs we sing each year. We also provide playlist to those song on YouTube and Spotify. As you join us in singing remember that singing is not the goal. The goal is will always remain to encourage one another and to bring praise and glory to the God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. ​ If you would like a physical copy of the songs we sing, or a Hymnal, please see Samuel Carter. ​ YouTube 2023 YouTube 2022 YouTube 2021 ​ Spotify 2023 Spotify 2022 Spotify 2021 Spotify 2019 ​

  • I'm New | FBC Fortuna

    HELLO! If you're visiting for the first time you might fit into one of two groups. The first group is a local who is looking for a local church. The second group is travelers. That is why one of our first questions often ask is, "are you a local or are you passing through?" But, no matter which group you find yourself in please know that we are honored that you are choosing to worship the Living God with us. We will do everything we can to care for you while you are with us. ​ HOW DO I GET TO FBC? Beginning on Rohnerville Road and Newell Drive (across from Ray's Food Place) we have large A-frames with arrows directing you up the hill. There are four a-frames. There is a parking lot once you arrive. We will be on the right at 1976 Scenic Drive, Fortuna CA 95540 . ​ WHAT TIME? We have Sunday School Classes for all ages at 9:45 AM (about 60 minutes). We have Corporate Worship Services at 11:00 AM (about 90 minutes). ​ If you are a first-time guest you are probably visiting at one of these times. We usually start on time, but we still welcome those who might arrive late. ​ WHERE DO I GO? We do our best to have a friendly person who will greet you as you arrive. The first place to go is the Sanctuary (the large brick building with the cross on top ). Here we have a resource area where you can get helpful information and a gift. The Two-Story building is where our classrooms are located. Just in case you can't find help or feel overwhelmed, there are maps located at the entrance of each building. ​ WILL IT BE WEIRD? We hope not. At least not on purpose. We will not pressure you into giving us your information or doing anything that you are not comfortable doing. But that doesn't mean we won't try to make you feel welcome. We recognize that this may be your first time in a church building or that you may be dealing with heavy issues. So we want to care for you and not be a burden. ​ WHAT ABOUT MY KIDS? It is our conviction that parents are the ones who are primarily responsible for evangelizing and discipling their children. Therefore, we endeavor to be a multi-generational and family-integrated church. That is why we encourage family members of all ages to join us to worship on Sunday mornings. Any age-specific class is always a supplement to what Dad and Mom are called to do at home. Worship, Bible Study, and other classes are places where children being present are not a problem but are encouraged to attend. This means we expect an appropriate amount of noise as Dad and Mom are training their children to participate in community life. Be encouraged, small children can learn to sit still and listen quietly (if taught how to do it!). We have a flyer at the resource table with more information about Families, Kids, and Worship . There is a nursery is available for children 0-2 (with a live feed of the service) and a Mother's room for nursing babies. ​ WHERE IS THE RESTROOM? There are two restrooms at the entrance to the S anctuary (the large brick building with the cross on top ) and a restroom on each floor of the Two-Story building. ​ THANK YOU! We have each been in the place you are. Looking to visit a new church for the first time. We understand that you may have a lot of questions and concerns. So we want to say thank you for choosing to trust us and join us. We look forward to meeting you! May God bless you as you seek to know him! ​

  • Give Online | First Baptist Church Fortuna

    SACRIFICIAL GIVING Sacrificial giving is part of being obedient to Jesus Christ. Being faithful stewards is not optional. Our church has an obligation to provide materially for those who labor in preaching and teaching, to support the needs of the poor among us, to care for those in need around us, and to give for the spread of the gospel. In our context we have found that having a church building assists us in our ministry endeavors, therefore we have the further responsibility of stewardship in regards to our building. For the FBC family, sacrificial giving and faithful stewardship includes regular giving for the support of our Elder(s), the support of FBC ministries, and the responsibilities of owning a building. It also includes spontaneous giving as God leads each of us to give sacrificially in our daily lives. GIVING LINK

  • Kids | First Baptist Church Fortuna

    JESUS & KIDS Jesus was very clear, kids are important to him and his kingdom. That means that kids are important to us too! This has led us to make some very important decisions on how we function as a community of believers. First, we are a Family-Integrated Church. This means that we try to keep age segregated activities to a minimum. Kids in worship, Bible Study, or any other context is not a problem to be solved. It is a gift to be embraced. Second, we are protective of any child entrusted to us. This means we have set-up some ways to help you as a parent know that we are looking out for both the spiritual and the physical safety of your kids. ​ ​ ​ CHECK-IN & PICK-UP The first time you come you may discover everyone has not met you yet. So to ensure that you leave with the same kids that you brought we check-in every child from birth through 6th grade. Please enter the front of the Main building to check-in your kids. A friendly greeter will be there to help you with this process. Check-in usually begins about 15 minutes before class (about 9:30 AM) and each kid needs to be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of class (before 11 AM). The person who checks-in the child will also need to pick up the child. To speed up the check-in process, please consider providing us with your kid's information in advance by filling out the form below. REGISTER HERE LOOK FOR TAGS When you first arrive you may notice that the teaches have printed tags with their name. Anyone with a "TEACHER" tag is safe to leave your child with. Every person who works with children is a member of FBC Fortuna, has gone through an application process, and has passed a background check. ​ ​ ​ RUNNING LATE We've been there. You're running late because the shoe clogged the toilet and you're not even sure you brushed your teeth. That's okay! We have restrooms and no one will notice you eating breath mints like candy. However, we do lock the doors to the t wo-story building at 10 AM. After this time you will need to enter through the main entrance (large brick building with the cross on top). W e want to make sure we are aware of any guests on the church grounds so someone will greet you and make sure you make it to the right class. If you have any questions please contact Lexi (Kids Sunday School Coordinator) or Pastor John.

  • What We Believe | First Baptist Church Fortuna

    The Gospel of Jesus Christ We believe that in the beginning, God created everything. But because of sin, the world was broken. Sin is any action that places self above God and is consequently worthy of punishment. Therefore sinners are in need of forgiveness and salvation. The good news is that Jesus' life, death, and resurrection provides this forgiveness. Five Solas (Protestant) Sola Scriptura (“Scripture alone”): The Bible alone is our highest authority. Sola Fide (“faith alone”): We are saved through faith alone in Jesus Christ. Sola Gratia (“grace alone”): We are saved by the grace of God alone. Solus Christus (“Christ alone”): Jesus Christ alone is our Lord, Savior, and King. Soli Deo Gloria (“to the glory of God alone”): We live for the glory of God alone. Great Commission (Missional) Any theology that affirms God’s Sovereignty and election can never be applied in contradiction to God’s command to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20) and to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:6). Any theology that pits election against evangelistic fervor is anti-Christ. Therefore, we unashamedly and whole heartily participate in evangelism at home and missions abroad. Bylaws (501 (c)3 Nonprofit Religious Corporation) First Baptist Church of Fortuna, California is a California nonprofit religious corporation, recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Our bylaws are available upon request. Regenerate Church Membership (Baptistic) The most significant mark of being Baptist is holding to believer’s baptism; the belief that only those who personally confess Christ should be recognized as saved and therefore baptized. But we also hold to the historic teaching that church membership is for the regenerate (saved). That means we affirm that every Christian must be a member of a local church to be obedient to Christ. But membership is not just a name on a list. It includes a confession, participation in the ordinances (baptism and the Lord's Supper), and evidences of grace (sanctification). Doctrines of Grace (Reformed Theology) Salvation is clearly taught in the Scriptures. However, there are certain aspects of salvation that have caused theological division over the 2000 years of Church History. Although there is a certain amount of acceptable disagreement, we have come to believe that the Doctrines of Grace are the true and consistent teaching of the Scriptures. It is not necessary to completely understand the Doctrines of Grace when becoming a member of FBC Fortuna. However, it is necessary that you are not in good conscience opposed to the basic teachings related to these doctrines. This means, that we are patient with those who are taking time to fully comprehend and internalize the distinctive doctrines of these doctrines. The Doctrines of Grace are also known as Calvinism. Statement of Faith (Baptist Faith & Message 2000) The preaching and teaching of FBC Fortuna are firmly rooted in Reformed Theology and our statement of faith is the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 (BFM2000). Even though there may be some disagreement among members about certain doctrines the BFM2000 is the extent of disagreement that we can maintain while holding onto unity and fellowship. Read BFM2000 . 1689 Baptist Confession (1689 Second London Baptist Confession) "Of the many confessions of faith that Baptist have produced—and they have produced a goodly number—none has been more influential than the Second London Confession, popularly known as The 1689 Confession. It was not only the confession of faith adopted by the majority of Baptists in the British Isles and Ireland from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries, but it was also the major confessional document on the American Baptist scene ..." (Read more at: The 1689 Confession .

  • Resources | First Baptist Church Fortuna

    RESOURCES We are first and foremost devoted to the Word of God. Nevertheless, there are many resources available to the modern believer. Although these resources generally align with FBC's statement of faith, it is still the responsibility of every believer to be a good Berean and to test the contents of these websites with the Scriptures. Bible Studies ESV Bible (with Study/Language Tools) Bible Hub Treasury of Scripture Knowledge ​ Pastor John's Study & Library Musica Theologica - Pastor John's Sermons and Writings Pastor John's Study (Room 206) Pastor John's Library {These resources are available upon request. Some area available to check-out, others will need to stay in the study. Talk to Pastor John if you have any questions.} ​ Missions and Evangelism HeartCry Missionary Society Joshua Project Wretched Radio ​ Current Events and The Church Founders Ministries The Briefing with Al Mohler Just Thinking 9 Marks Worship Matters Ref Net American Gospel TV Answers In Genesis ​ Church History Hall of Church History ​ Counseling Help Please email if you need to speak to a pastor. IBCD (The Institute for Biblical Counseling & Discipleship) ​ Homeschool and Classical Christian Education Logos School Logos Press Veritas Press ​ Ministry Opportunities J. Rophe Medical Pregnancy Care Center (Eureka, CA) ​

  • About | First Baptist Church Fortuna

    THEOLOGY AND AFFILIATIONS Holding to teachings best described as Reformed Theology, we also affirm the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 . Our Sunday Morning worship services are centered around making much of Jesus Christ as the revealed word and will of God to bring about his glory and our salvation. Read more... PASTOR (LEAD ELDER) & LEADERSHIP John Carter is our Pastor and Lead Elder. You can hear some of his sermons here . Read more... FAMILIES & CHILDREN It is our conviction that families are important to the life and community of FBC Fortuna. That is why we encourage family members of all ages to join us to worship together on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM and for age-appropriate classes before worship at 9:45 AM. Small noises are a part of raising godly children. So find peace knowing we are pleased to have you and your little ones join us to worship the living God. Read more... COMMUNITY The Church is not a building but a gathering of God's people. This is why we regularly carve out time to gather together. If you come on a Sunday Morning you will get to know the living God. But it is during the small unplanned moments that we are best able to get to know each other. That is why you are invited to join us to worship the living God on Sundays and then throughout the week as we gather to encourage and care for each other. Read more... SALVATION & THE GOSPEL We believe that in the beginning, God created everything. But because of sin , the world was broken. Sin is any action, attitude, or thought that violates God's moral law and is consequently worthy of punishment. Therefore, sinners are in need of forgiveness and salvation. The good news is that Jesus' life, death, and resurrection provides this forgiveness. We also believe that Jesus expects the following things of his followers. Repent (turn from) and confess your sins. Believe that Jesus is God. Be Baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Commit yourself to a local body of Believers (a church). Make Disciples of all Nations.

  • Christian Ministry Training | First Baptist Church Fortuna

    CHRISTIAN MINISTRY TRAINNING 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday of each month 5:30 PM These 10 six-session classes are designed to equip believers with the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Although everybody is encouraged to attend any who are interested in teaching or serving in certain ministry roles at FBC Fortuna are required to participate in all ten classes. The classes cover the following topics: What is a Healthy Church? , Biblical Interpretation , Missions & Evangelism , Basic Theology I & II , Apologetics, Old Testament Survey , New Testament Survey , Church History , and Spiritual Disciplines. Healthy Church CMT 01 What is a church and how can you tell if it is healthy? This class will look at some basic marks of a healthy church. Missions & Evangelism CMT 03 The last command Jesus gave on the earth was to make disciple of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). So, what does that look like? This class will look at what the Bible teaches about telling all people about the gospel of Jesus Christ and some practical ways to do it. Christian Apologetics CMT 06 Christians are called to both know and defend the faith. This class will look at some different ways for believers to defend their faith as well as some ways to engage opposing beliefs and worldviews. New Testament Survey CMT 08 The New Testament contains the Apostles teachings that have been handed down for the church to know and believe. This class will provide a survey of those teaching, also known as the New Testament. Spiritual Disciplines CMT 10 The Christian is not just called to believe; he is also called to obey. This class will provide some needed spiritual disciplines to help the Christian grow in both knowledge and obedience to the Lord. Biblical Interpretation CMT 02 The Bible is meant to be read and understood. But sometimes reading the Bible can seem too hard to understand. This class will provide some basic tools to understand how to read and interpret the Bible. Basic Theology I & II CMT 04 - 05 Using the 1689 Baptist Confession and the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 this class will look at basic doctrines of the Christian Faith. Old Testament Survey CMT 07 Is the Old Testament important or even interesting? Yes! This class will provide a survey of the Old Testament while demonstrating how it important to the believer today. Church History Survey CMT 09 Many Christians are familiar with the Bible, but too few know what has happened in the last 2000 year of Church History. This Church History survey will highlight some significant moments from church history and how the Christian message has spread across the world.

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