Jesus is the head of the Church and the Cheif Shepherd (Pastor). Under his authority will the church grow and be led. 

Head & Cheif Shepherd

Jesus Christ

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Serving as the Lead Elder and Pastor, it is John's responsibility to oversee the spiritual health of FBC Fortuna. His responsibility also includes overseeing the preaching and teaching, as well as the vision of FBC Fortuna. You can learn more about John by going to musicatheologica.com

Lead Elder & Pastor

John Carter

Circle of Dots

To allow the Elder's to remain focused on the ministry of the word and prayer Kyle serves (deacons) by helping to manage the administrative needs of the Sunday Morning Worship Services. He also assists with administration in other areas of the church as well.

Deacon of

Worship Services

Kyle Sharp


Every church member is responsible for the health and future of our church. This means no church member can sit back and 'let the professionals' do their job. The Elder's equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Consider this, every book in the New Testament is written to churches, not just Elders. 

FBC Church Member


Circle of Dots

To allow the Elders to remain focused on the ministry of the word and prayer Vince serves (deacons) by helping to manage the finances of  FBC Fortuna.

Deacon of

Finances & Benevolence

Vince Bragia

(707) 725-2595

1976 Scenic Dr, Fortuna, CA 95540, USA

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