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Jesus was very clear, kids are important to him and his kingdom. That means that kids are important to us too! This has led us to make some very important decisions on how we function as a community of believers. First, we are a Family-Integrated Church. This means that we try to keep age segregated activities to a minimum. Kids in worship, Bible Study, or any other context is not a problem to be solved. It is a gift to be embraced. Second, we are protective of any child entrusted to us. This means we have set-up some ways to help you as a parent know that we are looking out for both the spiritual and the physical safety of your kids.   







The first time you come you may discover everyone has not met you yet. So to ensure that you leave with the same kids that you brought we check-in every child from birth through 6th grade. Please enter the front of the Main building to check-in your kids. A friendly greeter will be there to help you with this process. Check-in usually begins about 15 minutes before class (about 9:30 AM) and each kid needs to be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of class (before 11 AM). The person who checks-in the child will also need to pick up the child. To speed up the check-in process, please consider providing us with your kid's information in advance by filling out the form below.




When you first arrive you may notice that the teaches have printed tags with their name. Anyone with a "TEACHER" tag is safe to leave your child with. Every person who works with children is a member of FBC Fortuna, has gone through an application process, and has passed a background check. 







We've been there. You're running late because the shoe clogged the toilet and you're not even sure you brushed your teeth. That's okay! We have restrooms and no one will notice you eating breath mints like candy. However, we do lock the doors to the two-story building at 10 AM. After this time you will need to enter through the main entrance (large brick building with the cross on top). We want to make sure we are aware of any guests on the church grounds so someone will greet you and make sure you make it to the right class. If you have any questions please contact Lexi (Kids Sunday School Coordinator) or Pastor John.

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