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We are first and foremost devoted to the Word of God. Nevertheless, there are many resources available to the modern believer. Although these resources generally align with FBC's statement of faith, it is still the responsibility of every believer to be a good Berean and to test the contents of these websites with the Scriptures. 


Bible Studies

ESV Bible (with Study/Language Tools)

Bible Hub

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Pastor John's Study & Library

Musica Theologica - Pastor John's Sermons and Writings

Pastor John's Study (Room 206)

Pastor John's Library

{These resources are available upon request. Some area available to check-out, others will need to stay in the study. Talk to Pastor John if you have any questions.}

Missions and Evangelism

HeartCry Missionary Society

Joshua Project

Wretched Radio

Current Events and The Church

Founders Ministries

The Briefing with Al Mohler

Just Thinking

9 Marks

Worship Matters

Ref Net

American Gospel TV

Answers In Genesis

Church History

Hall of Church History

Counseling Help

Please email if you need to speak to a pastor.

IBCD (The Institute for Biblical Counseling & Discipleship)

Homeschool and Classical Christian Education

Logos School

Logos Press

Veritas Press

Ministry Opportunities

J. Rophe Medical

Pregnancy Care Center (Eureka, CA)

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