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Our times of corporate worship are centered on the exaltation of the Living God. This includes reading, preaching, and teaching of the word of God as well as prayer, singing, giving, baptism, communion (Lord’s Supper), and time of confession. We encourage family members of all ages to join us to worship together. Small noises are a part of raising godly children. So find peace knowing we are pleased to have children join us to worship the living God.

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The word translated as 'church' in the Bible is from the Greek word 'ecclesia' which means gathering. Therefore, we should understand the church fundamentally as a gathering of people. Worship is not what makes a church. Worship is a function of the church. What makes a church is the gathering of believers around the word of God in the name of Jesus Christ. This means that we do not primarily gather to worship, because worship is possible anywhere. Instead, we primarily gather so that we can worship God as a gathered body of believers. This is a activity that we cannot do individually. The minimum essential marks of a gathered body of believers, a church, is the preaching of the word of God, the administration of the ordinances (Communion and Baptism), and church discipline. So, whether we gather in a sanctuary, in a home, in a cave, or in a field, we gather to do together what we cannot do alone. 


Music and singing is very significant to the FBC Fortuna family. That is why we love songs with beautiful melodies and rich theology. Concerts are good, but corporate worship is not to be confused with a concert. As we gather together to worship the living God we make it a priority to sing as an act of worship and encouragement for one another. That is why you will see that we leave the lights on and sing very loud. To help our church family sing loud and with thoughtfulness about the words we limit the amount of songs we sing each year. We also provide playlist to those song on YouTube and Spotify. As you join us in singing remember that singing is not the goal. The goal is will always remain to encourage one another and to bring praise and glory to the God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

If you would like a physical copy of the songs we sing, or a Hymnal, please see Samuel Carter.

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