Holding to teachings best described as Reformed Theology, we are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, the California Southern Baptist Convention, and the North Coast Baptist Association. We affirm the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. Our Sunday Morning worship services are centered around making much of Jesus Christ as the revealed word and will of God to bring about his glory and our salvation.



John Carter is our Pastor and Lead Elder. You can hear some of his sermons here.


It is our conviction that families are important to the life and community of FBC Fortuna. That is why we encourage family members of all ages to join us to worship together on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM and for age-appropriate classes before worship at 9:45 AM. Small noises are a part of raising godly children. So find peace knowing we are pleased to have you and your little ones join us to worship the living God.


The Church is not a building but a gathering of God's people. This is why we regularly carve out time to gather together. If you come on a Sunday Morning you will get to know the living God. But it is during the small unplanned moments that we are best able to get to know each other. That is why you are invited to join us to worship the living God on Sundays and then throughout the week as we gather to encourage and care for each other. 



We believe that in the beginning, God created everything. But because of sin, the world was broken. Sin is any action that places self above God and is consequently worthy of punishment. Therefore, sinners are in need of forgiveness and salvation. The good news is that Jesus' life, death, and resurrection provides this forgiveness. We also believe that Jesus expects the following things of his followers. Repent (turn from) and confess your sins. Believe that Jesus is God. Be Baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Commit yourself to a local body of Believers (a church). Make Disciples of all Nations.

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