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City on a Hill

A Classical Christian Education community and co-op for homeschoolers, private schoolers, public schoolers, and future schoolers who take seriously the responsibility to educate their children.  

A cooperation of homeschooling families to help one another educate their children within a Classical Christian Education model. 

Co-op Begins this Fall!!!

Send an email to if you would like more information.

Go to to sign up for classes.

Student Application Deadline:
Friday, August 12th

Teacher / Tutor Application Deadline:
Friday, July 29th

Registration can be made in person or online at

Fall 2022 Co-op Classes
(Updated 7/27/22)

We are nearing closer and closer to the start of this years co-op!

Classes start August 23 with a Parent/Student orientation on August 16.

Here is an update on the classes and teachers confirmed so far.

Veritas History (grades 2-6 taught by Mrs. Katie Carter)

Omnibus I (grades 7-9 taught by Mrs. Maria Szabo)

Omnibus IV (grades 10-12 taught by Mr. John Carter)

Math Tutoring [study hour] (grades 2-12 tutored by Mrs. Kara Deno)

Logos Latin (grades 4-6 taught by Ms. Julia Szabo)

Physical Science (grades 7-12 taught by Mr. Jon Szabo)

Logic (grades 6-8 taught by Mr. John Carter)

Institutes of Excellence in Writing (grades 4-6 taught by Ms. Joan Szabo)

Kraken Latin II Study Group (grades 8+)
WEEKENDER: Intro to Horseback Riding (grades 2-12 taught by Mrs. Lexi Bragia)

Music Recital (grades 2-12 organized by Mr. John Carter - Nov. 19)  
The final schedule will be sent out soon. As well as curriculum and book lists. I look forward to seeing you there!


Parent Meetings

Bi-monthly meetings for parents/teachers who are passionate about Classical Christian Education and who take seriously the responsibility to educate their children.  ​


2nd Tuesday of every other month | 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Each Meeting will consist of parts: Bible Study, Lesson, and a Reading Assignment. There are also rumors of goodies to munch. 

Concrete Wall

September 13, 2022 

Please read: The Seven Laws of Teaching (Unabridged 1886)
by John Milton Gregory

Concrete Wall

March 14, 2023

Please read: Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare

Concrete Wall

November 8, 2022

Please read: The Screwtape Letters 
by C.S. Lewis 

Concrete Wall

May 9, 2023

Please read: The Holiness of God

by R.C. Sproul

Concrete Wall

January 10, 2023

​Please read: The Unaborted Socrates

by Peter Kreeft

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First Baptist Church of Fortuna
1976 Scenic Dr
Fortuna CA, 95540


The Gospel of Jesus Christ

We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the New Testament, prophesied in the Old Testament, and proclaimed throughout all of Church history.

Narrow Doors, Tall Hallways

We limit those who may join, but we desire every participant to excel.

Male Leadership

We believe men are called to lead in the church, the home, and in government.

Parental Ownership

We believe parents (not churches, schools, or governments) are ultimately responsible for the spiritual and intellectual training of their children.

Classical Christian Education

Our common model for educating our students with a Christian worldview is through a Classical Christian Education framework.

Rigorous Learning

We believe that learning is work and therefore should be rigorous (even when it becomes harder in the logic and rhetoric years).

Winsomely Passionate Teachers

We believe students will learn to love what their teachers love.

Parents Who Love to Read and Learn

We believe a good education never ends.