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FBC Fortuna

Since 1950

We are a community of believers, united in Christ, who are devoted to proclaiming and obeying the word of God.

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A God-Centered Church

Our worship is centered on God

Our times of corporate worship are centered on the exaltation of the Living God. This includes preaching and teaching of the word of God, singing, prayer, giving, baptism, communion (Lord’s Supper), and time of confession. We regularly make a Confession of Salvation, recite the Apostle’s Creed, recite the FBC Confession, and every 3rd Sunday we renew our Church Covenant before we participate in communion. We encourage family members of all ages to join us to worship together.

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A Complementarian Church

We believe men and women are different in role but not worth

It is our belief that both male and female were created in the image of God (Gen 1:27). Therefore both men and women reflect this image. However, it was Adam who was created first and woman who was created from Adam. Therefore we also believe in male headship. Meaning, men are inherently created and designed to lead from creation, not as a result of the fall.  This informs us that even though both men and women bear the image of God they are still inherently different. These differences should never be seen as deficiencies of being male or female. Rather, these differences should always be seen as complementing each other in life, marriage, family, and especially within the church.

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A Multi-Generational Church

We welcome people from all stages of life

We love the young, the old, and even those in between. The kingdom of God is represented by both youthful zeal and aged-tested wisdom. The older are called to teach the younger. While the younger are called to care for the older. We do not cater to either. Instead, we care for both.

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A Holy Church

We exercise church discipline

Unfortunately, church discipline is an often neglected or misused aspect of church life. Nevertheless, as Jesus continues to purify his bride (his church) we must be prepared to be obedient in that process. This means that sometimes this process of purification is to be done as an act of the church community through church discipline. Church discipline must always be redemptive and never retributive. The goal is that the person under church discipline would confess and repent of his/her sins which will result in the praise and glory of our heavenly Father. No members of the church community, especially Elders, are exempt from church discipline.

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A Covenant Community

We are devoted to one-another

We are not a loosely affiliated group of believers. Rather, we are a community of believers who renew our coveant together every month. We do this to remember that we are devoted to one another. 

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A Communal Church

We live in community together

The Church is not a building but a gathering of God's people. This is why we regularly carve out time to gather together. If you come on a Sunday morning you will get to know the living God. But it is during the small unplanned moments that we are best able to get to know each other. That is why we gather to worship the living God on Sundays and then we gather during the week to encourage and care for each other. It is in the context of community that church plants will be birthed, mercy ministries will be done, and the gospel will be obeyed in tangible ways.

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A Family-Integrated Church

We believe Dad and Mom are responsible to lead the family

It is our conviction that parents are the ones primarily responsible for evangelizing and discipling their children. Therefore we endeavor to be a multi-generational and family-integrated church. That is why we encourage family members of all ages to join us to worship together on Sunday mornings. Any age-specific class is always a supplement to what Dad and Mom are called to do at home. Worship, Community Groups, and other classes are places where children being present are not a problem but encouraged to attend. This means we expect an appropriate amount of distractions as Dad and Mom are training their children to participate in community life. However, we also believe that being single is not a 2nd class status in the body of Christ. This means that a single person is just as valuable to the FBC Fortuna community as a married couple is.

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A Giving Church

We give sacrificially

Sacrificial giving is part of being obedient to Jesus Christ. Being faithful stewards is not optional. Our church has an obligation to provide materially for those who labor in preaching and teaching, to support the needs of the poor among us, to care for those in need around us, and to give for the spread of the gospel. In our context we have found that having a church building assists us in this endeavor, therefore we have the further responsibility of stewardship in regards to our building. For the FBC family, sacrificial giving and faithful stewardship includes regular giving for the support of our Elder(s), the support of FBC ministries, and the responsibilities of owning a building. It also includes spontaneous giving as God leads each of us to give sacrificially in our daily lives.

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A Missional Church

We send and go to spread the gospel

In obedience to the commands of Christ, it is our desire to be actively engaged in the proclamation of the gospel. This is done on an individual basis, through the coordinated effort of FBC Fortuna, and with other churches. Whether we are crossing borders or just crossing the street we will be driven by the desire for all to know and confess Jesus as Lord.

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