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After that, plan on attending the Parent Meetings and joining the Co-op

City on a Hill

A Classical Christian Education community and co-op for homeschoolers, private schoolers, public schoolers, and future schoolers who take seriously the responsibility to educate their children.  

A cooperation of homeschooling families to help one another educate their children within a Classical Christian Education model. 

Co-op Begins this Fall!!!

Send an email to if you would like more information.

Go to to sign up for classes.

Student Application Deadline:
August 1, 2023

Teacher / Tutor Application Deadline:
July 1, 2023

Registration can be made in person or online at

Fall 2023 Co-op Classes
(Updated 03/02/2023)

We are nearing closer and closer to the start of this year's co-op!

Classes start August 22 with a New Student Orientation on August 19.

Here is a summary of the classes confirmed so far:

Veritas History (grades 2-6)

Omnibus II (grades 7-9)

Omnibus V (grades 10-12)

Biology (grades 9-12)

Introduction to Logic (grades 7-8)

Math Tutoring - Study Hour (grades 2-12)

Institutes of Excellence in Writing (grades 4-6)


Reading Class (grades K-2)
The final schedule will be sent out soon, as well as curriculum and book lists. We look forward to seeing you there!

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